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Brahms' Hungarian Dance #5 - Lesson Plan

Music History Connection -- Brahms

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Teaching Classical Music to Children

. . . when they are engaged

and comprehend what they are hearing.

Children want to be engaged. They want to move, to dance, to make noise. If you introduce Classical Music through engaging, creative, FUN activities, your students will beg to “do it again!”

Music is organized sound.  When we break down the organizational principles underlying master works the complex is made simple.  Ironically, it is this simplicity that frees us to enjoy, explore, and comprehend the complexities of the whole. 

Active listening lessons engage the brain, the body, and the breath. These lessons are fun and stand alone in terms of teaching to the music curriculum within the State and National Standards -- with the added advantage of introducing composers and master works in a culminating listening experience.

Pre-listening activities will teach the structure, rhythm, melody, harmony, or expressive qualities of a piece through dance, movement, speech, song, playing instruments, mime, or body percussion.  The pre-listening activity teaches the brain and the body the music. This opens the ears to hear, the mind to critique, and the whole child to enjoy!

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I recently attended your workshops at TMEA in San Antonio and loved everything you presented. My fourth graders have been working on sixteenth notes and they were very successful with the Bach Badinerie listening activity. I am really inspired to do more listening lessons with my classes. Thanks for all your ideas!

Mary Terrell

Music Teacher

Boerne TX

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