Brahms - The Listening Lesson

                                Brahms Hungarian Dance #5

                                                        A “Miming” Active Listening Lesson

                A Warm up (Swing bat, touch toes, pitch, scratch, spit)

                B Batter up (bounce bat four times, swing – watch the ball) 2x

repeat once in slow motion

                C Run the bases (6 steps per base on a small diamond)

                D Slow Mo – Instant replay

                    (4 slow motion baseball field moves, each rewinded)

                Coda Hat off, down, tossed!

                                    Form: AABBCDAB Coda

*Once you have performed the mime in silence, do it again with the music.  
*Explore the form together.  What did we do first? (Warm up - A) 
    What was next? (Batter up - B), etceteras. 
*Listen again without the movement. 

                                        CURRICULAR TIES:
TIMBRE - Wonderful example of the String Section.
FORM - What is a Coda? A special ending!
EXPRESSIVE QUALITIES - Sforzando, Accelerando, Fermata, A Tempo, Ritardando.
MELODY - Minor Tonality, Leading Tone, Melodic Minor
HARMONY - Minor tonality - pathos without sadness. Boom Chuck accompaniment.



This is a miming exercise -the students will mime playing a baseball game.


Open Space

  1. 1)Mime swinging bats, touching toes, pitching, and scratching and spitting.

  2. 2)Mime batting -- bounce the bats four times, then swing.  Repeat this, then do it a third time in SLOW MOTION.

  3. 3)Mime running the bases - Draw a small imaginary baseball diamond at your feet, then run the bases, with 6 steps per base.

  4. 4)Mime, in SLOW MOTION, four instant replays fielding the ball -- catching, throwing, chasing, tagging the runner.  After each Slow motion “replay”, rewind the tape quickly.

  5. 5)CODA - Mime taking off your hat and throwing it in the air!

Perform entire piece

Form:  AABBCDAB Coda

Click Here for Video

Hungarian Dance #5


Charlie Chaplin to Brahms Hungarian Dance #5:


Nishimoto Conducts Hungarian Dance #5:

Cecchetto Conducts Hungarian Dance #5:

David Garrett plays Hungarian Dance #5:

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